Student Hubs Equal Opportunities Trustee Recruitment Monitoring Form
Please fill out this equal opportunities monitoring form. If you have any questions about the form, you can always get in touch with
Why we're asking
When you apply for a trustee role with us we will ask some extra questions about you. This includes a few questions about your ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, trans status and household income. This information will only be seen by staff in our People & Culture team, and only in an anonymised format. It will be seen separately from your application, and will not be used to identify you. It will not be used to inform the interviewing or shortlisting process.
The form will help us to make sure we’re as inclusive as possible. Here’s why:
1. We want to understand our applicants and Board better
We ask questions to collect overall statistical information – not to pinpoint individuals. We want to make sure that everyone feels our workplace is a safe and inclusive place that treats them fairly and meets their needs.
2. Help us become a more inclusive organisation
We want to make Student Hubs as inclusive as possible for everyone who works here and everyone on our Board, regardless of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, trans status, gender, disability or any other protected characteristics. By learning more about the people who are our trustees, we can take steps to ensure an environment where everyone is able to thrive.
Your information will always be kept safe
We follow strict laws and internal practices to make sure your information is stored safely and responsibly. Your answers are confidential and will never be used in a way that will identify you. We’ll always show you how we use the information you give us to improve Student Hubs. Learn more in our Privacy Notice:

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