Heart of Texas Districts 2020 Judge Interest and Information Form
On Wednesday, April 21, through Saturday, April 24, the Heart of Texas District will host its annual qualifier National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament. Qualified, supportive judges are encouraged to apply to be a part of selecting the students that will represent Central Texas. If interested, please fill out the information below.

The 2021 District Tournament will be run entirely online, with a mix of asynchronous and synchronous competition for speech events and synchronous competition for debate events. Take a look at the schedule here before signing up to judge: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?webpage_id=13654&tourn_id=18520

The tournament will be run entirely on Tabroom.com. If you have not already, MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER FOR TABROOM.COM BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM!

Judge Pay Rate (by round):
$40 Congress - Thursday and Friday Evening
$20 PF / LD / WSD / BQ - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
$35 CX - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
$20 IE Asynchronous - Wednesday and Thursday
$25 IE Synchronous - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

*Second Year Out
*Third Year Out if graduated from participating school
*Not coaching one of the participating schools (cannot judge the event / school you coach)
*WiFi Connected Device
*Tabroom Account

NOTE: Filling out this form is NOT a guarantee of a contract. If hired, you will be contacted before the competition to confirm your judge participation. That phone/email contact from the tournament staff is the confirmation.
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What high school did you attend? *
What year did you graduate high school? *
In which events did you compete in high school (if any)? *
Do you compete in college forensics? If so, where and in which events? *
In the 2020/2021 season, at how many and at which tournaments have you judged? *
List your qualifications to judge at the HoT District Tournament (accomplishments relating specifically to speech and debate competition and coaching only): *
If hired, which pool(s) would you prefer? (NOTE: If hired, the tab staff reserves the right to place you in any event helpful for the successful completion of the competition.) *
What school(s) should you be coded against? (List any school that you have coached for, attended, or consulted for in the past 4 years.) *
Please provide at least one current coach reference. (Coach's name and school) *
Would you be able to judge Asynchronous Speech Prelims on Wednesday and/or Thursday (completed by 7:00PM, Thursday)? *
Which Thursday sections of synchronous events would you be able to judge? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) *
Which Friday sections of synchronous events would you be able to judge? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) *
Which Saturday sections of synchronous events would you be able to judge? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) *
Would you be able to judge Sunday, April 25, if debate and/or IE rounds are still left unfinished? (Obviously, with additional financial compensation based on the number of rounds still left to judge.) *
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