7th International Day of Women & Girls in Science Assembly
10 - 11 February 2022, United Nations Office in Geneva and Virtually at United Nations Headquarters
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"Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: WATER UNITES US"
With great momentum and interest to accelerate progress in achieving the 2030 Development Agenda and its 17 Global Goals, the 7th International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly theme is “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Water Unites Us”, which aims to serve as a bridge between women in science, experts from around the world and high-level government officials, representatives of international organizations and the private sector to discuss the water nexus in achieving the three pillars of sustainable development: economic prosperity, social justice, and environmental integrity.

The 7th Assembly will promote a holistic approach to support and strengthenthe engagement of women and girls in water science and technology fields. Through incorporation of the social aspects,cultural insights, and investments in women and girls it will foster fundamental means and agents for solving water challenges. It will address Water’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, by:
1. Highlighting the importance of the human rights-based approach for achieving sustainable socio-economic development;
2. Zooming in on women in science for water and discussing building capacity for sustainability;
3. Recognizing the interplay and interdependency between science, technology, and the green economic growth;
4. Investing in science- and green technology-based water solutions for innovative economies sectors for sustainable development;
5. Identifying the conditions and proposing tools to put science, technology, and innovation at the heart of water diplomacy;
6. Addressing the interlinkage between climate change and other drivers with the increased risks of water-related diseases and health conditions; and
7. Integrating the social aspects and cultural dimensions into water strategies and action plans, including management and sustainable solutions.

The 2022 Assembly will feature for the first time Connecting the United Nations Headquarters in New York and its office in Geneva and recognizing the role of Women in Science for SDG6 as agents for change, not only beneficiaries. In addition, it shall showcase the best practices, strategies, applied solutions, and experience for addressing the SDG6 challenges and opportunities through its Media Room.

The 7th Assembly will also feature for the first time Women and Girls in Science Orchestra music performance, and a unique Ebru Water Art exhibition to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the #February11 Global Movement.
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