"In-Person" Music Lesson Request Form
Use this form to request an in-person lesson at least 24 hours in advance. We will not grant same day requests for lesson times.
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Online Lesson reccomendation.
For the majority of students, meeting with a teacher live over zoom is our current reccomended method for learning music. If this format has been productive for you, please continue to stay online exclusively. Online lesssons continue to be a successful way to learn music for most. However, for some, engaging over a screen has been difficult, and others may need a little extra guidance than what can be experienced on video. We want to safely offer the option of meeting with your music teacher in person, if requested, on a single-event basis at a time, in a safe way. This is completely optional but we want everyone to have a satisfying lesson experience.
"I understand this is for a single in person lesson only. "Your reccuring lesson time will be held over zoom. If you would like another in person lesson in the future you must complete this form again. *
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Student name (may write multiple for siblings)
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If you do not agree, or your conditions do not allow agreement, please keep to online lessons only and od not submit this form
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Washing of hands when arriving before touching an instrument is required *
Ages 10 and over, drop off only *
Ages 9 and under one parent inside only *
Has the student or anyone in their household tested positive or is being tested for Covid-19 in the past 30 days? *
Has the student or any household member have any of the following symptoms? fever or chils, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestoin or runny nose *
No makeup credits will be issued. Once your lesson in converted to an in person lesson you may not reschedule or request a make-up credit. You teacher may be coming in person to specifically work with you.
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Please add any questions or comments you may have.
Thank You and stay safe!
For now this form is only for converting a single lesson to in person. Your next lesson will default back to online. Thank you for udnerstanding, this helps us keep the numbers of people in the building down and shared instruments clean
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