College Democrats of the District of Columbia Chartering Form 2016-2017
The CDDC 2016-2017 chartering form is now LIVE! The benefits for chartering include financial grants, various resources & guidebooks, and the ability to vote at CDDC's 2017 state convention.

Any questions on chartering?
Please email our Membership Director at

Please fill out the following information about your chapter!

Chapter Name
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Please list the names and contact information for your chapter's officers.
Include Name, Title, Email Address, and Phone Number for each officer.
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Online Contacts
Please provide the following information relating to your chapter's online presence. This will allow us to help promote your group, facilitate statewide conversations, and generally be in better touch. If your chapter doesn't have one of the following platforms, simply leave the form blank.
Website URL
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Twitter Handle
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Instagram Handle
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Facebook Page URL
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Facebook Group URL
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Goals and Opinion
This section is designed to let us know what your chapter is doing and how we can help.
Are there any campaigns your chapter is considering working with for the 2016 elections?
If so, please list them below.
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Other than campaigns, what projects or initiatives are your group planning for the 2016-2017 year?
Ex.) Activities, Programs, Chapter Goals, etc.
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What resources could CDDC provide to help your chapter?
What can we do to help you the most?s, Chapter Goals, etc.
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Please describe your past relationship with CDDC.
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Would your chapter be interested in attending convention in 2017?
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