Collaboration for Change: Community Economies Mapping Project
Collaboration for Change is a partner along with others in the Community Economies Mapping Project led by the An Áit Eile Cooperative, Galway. The aim is to build an open source mapping tool that everyone participating can use for their locality, community of interest or network which then creates an island wide picture of our collective progressive landscape. The first iteration of this involves Collaboration for Change offering to help others develop their own map using a simple approach with the open source tool uMap and through sharing appropriate data (using safe GDPR means) help create the island wide map.  Add your data below to appear on the island wide map and/or get in touch for help with developing your own map:

The only way we can do this is together. The map is run on a volunteer basis and is still very much in its development phase and so by taking part you will very much be helping us all grow our visibility, connectivity and influence. The information you submit will be moderated and then visualised in a map that we can all share. You can view a very early stage version at

We are also looking for volunteer developers to help work on the technical aspects of this open source mapping tool. For more details on joining the developers team and/or becoming a local volunteer convenor and to set up an informal conversation without commitment simply tick yes to the relevant question/s in the form. To participate please fill out your details in the form below

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By providing this data and personal information, you agree to its use by Collaboration for Change as laid out in this statement. Your data and personal information will be displayed on a map that will be in the public domain. Your data and personal information will be held securely by Collaboration for Change (and on behalf of partners An Áit Eile and the Community Economy Mapping Project) and will not be sold or shared to third parties without your express permission. Collaboration for Change and the project partners named above will use this information to contact you about the Collaboration for Change mapping initiative and related topics and events in the future. Collaboration for Change and the project partners named above may contact you to enquire about further participation in other activities. Collaboration for Change will only hold your data and personal information for as long as is deemed necessary and will respect all of your rights over your data and personal information. If you have any questions about the use of this data, contact the Data Controller, Kevin Murphy at
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