Handmade Holidays 2012 Vendor Application
Submission of a vendor application signifies that you have read and agree to the information contained in the FAQ and that all of the information supplied in the application is accurate.
(The FAQ can be found here: http://etsy817.blogspot.com/p/handmade-holidays.html)
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Volunteering *
Handmade Holidays is organized and run by an all volunteer team. All vendors will be expected to volunteer their time promoting this event in addition to the advertising done by the Leadership Committee. We ask that you pass out fliers as well as use all available online resources to promote the show (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.). Fliers will be included with your acceptance packets and will also be available for download online. Please choose yes to agree to these terms.
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Comments and/or requests?
We cannot guarantee that we can meet all requests, but we will try. You can also email us directly at etsy817@gmail.com
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Application fee
After submitting your application you must submit your nonrefundable $10 application fee for your application to be considered complete.
Application fees must be submitted via PayPal to etsy817@gmail.com
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