May Gladness - Round of 64
It's the opening round! Check out our video!
Choose your favorite bit of gladness from each of the match-ups below! Then pass the link on! Everyone is welcome to play!
NOTE: The numbers in parentheses () after each choice are the seeds, with 1 seed being highest ranked and 16 seeds being lowest. But don't let this affect your decision!
HAPPY Regionals
The following 8 match=ups are in the HAPPY region of the brackets
Reading a Good Book VS 2-Dollar Bills *
Walt Disney World VS Watching Sports *
Snow VS Puzzles *
Talking on the Phone VS Poetry *
Stuffed Animals VS Crayons *
Swimming Pools VS Flavored Chapstick *
Napping VS Spider-man *
Coffee VS Libraries *
CHEERY Regional
The following 8 match-ups are in the CHEERY Region.
Hugs VS Tiny Marshmallows *
Stargazing VS Cartoons *
Popcorn VS Board Games *
Traveling VS Blankets *
Sunsets VS The Olympics *
Pets VS Jeopardy! *
Flowers VS Legos *
Birthdays VS Coupons *
CONTENT Regionals
The following 8 match-ups are in the CONTENT Region.
Chocolate VS Puns *
Baby Yoda VS Bubble Wrap *
Compliments VS The Wind in Your Hair *
Pizza VS Reminiscing *
Exercising VS Cat Videos *
Smiles VS Pillow Fights *
Back Rubs VS Butterflies *
Sleeping In VS Volunteering *
JOYFUL Regional
The following 8 match-ups are in the JOYFUL Region.
The Beach VS All-You-Can-Eat Buffets *
Playing an Instrument VS Fireworks *
Rainbows VS Balloons *
Cuddling VS Roller Coasters *
The Last Day of School VS Bubble Baths *
Listening to Music VS Pancake Towers *
Gentle Rain VS Breakfast in Bed *
Baby Giggle VS Comic Books *
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