Girls 15-18s Nov/Dec Events Registration 2020
Use this form to register for Momentum Volleyball Club Girls Open Gyms & Open Houses for the 15s-18s age group only. We have a separate form on our website for players 14& under . Please register your player for the same age group she would be trying out for club. Age Definitions for the girls club season can be found here:

Must be registered in order to attend events!

We will be considering all remaining Open Gyms and Open Houses as evaluation nights! Have players prepared to come focused and with lots of energy! We will be having coaches from these age groups attending the events so players can meet the coaches, ask questions, and coaches can have multiple opportunities to evaluate potential players.

*Due to COVID Restrictions, NO SPECTATORS will be allowed in the gym. We will be taking temperatures and following all of our COVID guidelines to keep players and coaches safe. Please do not attend if you are experiencing any symptoms.*

Please only register your athlete and attend events for one age group. (IE: If your player is eligible to play 14s for club based on the USAV Club age definitions (player birthday), but wants to try out for 15s due to playing with her peers as a freshman in high school, please only have them register and attend all events, including tryouts for the 15s age group)

We will be double checking birthdays on the registrations to ensure you are with the correct group. Please do not register for the incorrect group to be with friends or carpools.

**THIS FORM WILL ONLY BE USED TO REGISTER FOR THE OPEN GYMS AND OPEN HOUSES** We will be emailing and posting a formal tryout registration link in the next 24 hours with instructions on how to obtain a required USAV Membership through Sports Engine. We will email this info out to all players registered for our events and posting online at and on our social media pages so you don't miss it.

All tryout information including pricing, schedule, locations, etc. will also be emailed and posted in the next 24 hours.

Open Gyms will be $10 per session you attend, cash. Check in begins 20 min prior to event. Open Houses are FREE of charge! If you have attended our events in 2020 and filled out a COVID and Participation form, nothing else is required for open gyms. If you have not been to any of our events, an MVC participation form and MVC Covid Waiver are required. We will be emailing this out to you. You can also find this on the above link to our website.

We will email you if any additional info is required for Open Houses. Again, this form is NOT your tryout registration form, this is only for Open Gyms and Open Houses.

Thank you!
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Only answer for 15's Age Group Players: Check all the events you will be attending:
Only answer for 16's Age Group Players: Check all the events you will be attending:
Only answer for 17's & 18s Age Group Players: Check all the events you will be attending:
Do you plan on attending tryouts with Momentum Volleyball at Valley Vista HS on SUNDAY Dec 6th? We will be posting this info very soon! *
We will email you a confirmation soon! It will not be automated. We review the birthdates and ensure you're good to go before confirming. Please only submit this form one time. Thank you! *
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