FCCNY Adoptee Board 2019-2020 Application
FCC of Greater New York is excited to invite Young Adult (18+) Chinese Adoptees to apply to be on their Adoptee Board! This will be our third year, and it will be led by our YA Adoptee Board of Directors members: Lisa Gibson, Rhianna Hopkins, and Lucy Murray.

At this time we can only accept applications from:
• Chinese adoptees who are turning 18 or older within 2019
• and are able to attend at least 3 in-person events throughout the year (can be during school breaks/holidays).
- If you are able to host monthly events in your area, then that satisfies this requirement.
- If you are in an area where there are not FCC events, we can discuss.

Adoptee Board members can plan events with a partner in their area for ANY region they feel would attract YA Chinese adoptees to engage in-person on a regular basis.

Most of our events are in the Greater NY region, but we also have a good group going in Washington DC, and we'd love to include other areas!

Applicants need not be in the NYC or DC area to apply, but they must be passionate about building the community! Check out our Online/Social Media committee and Journalism committee, or submit your own idea!

If you would like to participate directly in your local FCC, see if your area has an FCC chapter and reach out to their leadership with your proposal for a project/program. We would be happy to help facilitate your participation into their chapter.

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out this application and email us to schedule a follow up casual video interview, used to gauge your interest and how you would best fit within our board. Applications are due Friday October 4th, and we would like to complete interviews by October 6th.

Email us at AdopteeBoard@fccny.org if you have any questions, and check out the FCCNY.org website!
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The purpose of the FCCNY Adoptee Board is to have input and leadership from Chinese adoptees! This is your chance to help shape the future of FCCNY (a registered 501c3 nonprofit) and the Chinese adoptee community. Through your role as an Adoptee Board member you will learn about the goals and challenges of FCCNY and adoption communities. You will be able to provide feedback to the FCCNY board and come up with new ideas to engage our families and friends. It is an exciting opportunity for you to collaborate with other YA Chinese adoptees, see your ideas come to fruition, and bring our community together in a healthy and positive manner.
We expect you to:

• Be creative and think of new ideas/projects.

• Follow through by seeing projects to completion.

• Meet deadlines.

• Communicate well among your committee and to the wider Adoptee Board.

• Be self-motivated and driven.

• Be at least somewhat comfortable sharing with the adoption community about your experiences--including to audiences of adoptees and adoptive families.

• Enthusiastically engage within the community and promote our work to friends and family.

Your responsibilities are to:

- Commit to this position at least until September 2020. This is a full year commitment.

- Dedicate an average of a solid 2 hours/week (includes meetings, but responsibilities vary by committee).

- Participate in committee/pair meetings at least once a month with follow-up updates to your committee chair person.

- Attend All-Board meetings 2-3 times/year -- the first in October.

- Attend at least 3 events in person.

- If you are permanently in the NYC area, you will be expected to attend 2-3 in-person organizational meetings throughout the year for the Adoptee Board as well.

You will not be expected to contribute financially, though we would be grateful if you or your parents are donors or active dues-paying members.

You will be strongly encouraged to attend an FCCNY board meeting in Manhattan, NYC to meet the rest of the FCCNY Board of Directors.
" I think I’ve grown significantly both professionally and personally because of the opportunities I’ve had on the Adoptee Board. It has allowed me to collaborate in a team and work towards a common goal of bringing adoptees together. I originally joined the Adoptee Board to help build a community of adoptees for others because I grew up with a strong relationship with my adoption group; and I know how valuable those connections are. But, I ended up having a whole new community of adoptees for myself as well! The most valuable thing for me has been having the opportunity to connect with adoptees coming for all different kinds of experiences. "

~ Rhianna

" It's been great to build relationships [on the Adoptee Board and in general], and be able to engage with people that share similar, but still unique, experiences. "

~ Lucy
Application Guidelines
Please keep all answers under 200 words - this does not mean try to reach 200 words either. Bullets are fine where appropriate.

You are able to copy the questions onto another document and then paste your answers here to submit.

Don't forget your email address up top ^

Check out our website fccny.org and familiarize yourself with it, who we are, and what the Adoptee Board has done in the past, and what we have planned for the future. It may even inspire you!

Applications are due Friday October 4th, and we would like to complete interviews by October 6th.
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school name, graduating year, and location
Where will you be located for most of the year? *
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How involved in FCCNY have you been thus far? *
If you have not yet met some of us in person, please come out to an event if you're in the area! Or engage with us online if you are out of the area!
Do you have any concerns/life changes expected related to time commitment within the next year? *
Your honesty and transparency are valued. Only sign up for what you have the time for.
What are some personal/professional goals you have for joining the Adoptee Board? *
You are more than welcome to host an event/start a project and approach the board with your idea to get it in motion, without being on the board itself. The Adoptee Board is a year long commitment with monthly responsibilities, so please make sure this is for you.
Which committee are you interested in? *
Don’t see a position here you want to apply for, but have an idea of your own? Select Other. /// Want to apply to multiple positions? Submit another application. You will likely only be chosen for one however, so please submit the one you are most interested in first.
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