ED Schedule Request Form for Residents
This form is only for residents requesting days off during Sinai Adult ED, Elmhurst Adult ED, MS BI ED or Sinai Peds ED blocks.

If you would like to request time off for any other block (including off-service rotations such as EMS, Ultrasound, ICU, or Medicine), please DO NOT fill out this form. Instead, refer to the Off-Service Rotation section of the SinaiEM Survival Guide for instructions on how to make an off-service schedule request.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the appropriate ED chief:

Sinai Adult ED : Judah Sueker - Jsueker@gmail.com
Elmhurst Adult ED: Moira Carroll - Moiracarroll@gmail.com
Peds ED (Sinai): Angela Chen - Aschen001@gmail.com
Mount Sinai BI ED: Mark Andreae - Markandreae1@gmail.com

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Please do not request time off to extend your vacation (pre or post). It is unfair to your colleagues and penalizes them with a worse schedule.

Four week rotation permits:
(1) One request with a maximum duration of 72 hours (i.e. three days or six 12-hour shifts)
(2) A second request of one 12-hour period .The second (12 hr) request cannot be added to the primary request to extend it.

Two week rotation permits:
(1) One single request with a maximum duration of 48 hours (i.e. two days or four 12-hour shifts).

If you believe you require time off in excess of what is permitted above for academic or personal reasons, you will need approval in email form from the ED Program Director (If EM) or your service's chief (if not EM) sent to the site-specific chief (see top).

YOUR REQUEST(S) Please use this format: MM/DD/YY am/pm - MM/DD/YY am/pm (example: to have off 12/3/18 from 0700 through 12/5/18 0700 off, write "12/3/18 am-12/4/18pm") *
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