CDS Parent Association 2017-2018 GRANTED! Application
The CDS Parent Association GRANTED! program enhances the CDS experience by affording teachers, students, and families the opportunity to apply for grants to fund projects that will enrich the school community. If you have a great idea to enrich a classroom, students’ education, the school grounds, an extracurricular activity, or anything else related to the CDS experience, GRANTED! can transform that idea to a reality!

While completing the grant application, please review your idea with the school administrator responsible for that area (Mark Minkus for Intermediate School and Middle School, Tzippy Mazer for Lower School & Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Sarah Glascom Morris or Lindsey Shope for Early Childhood, Jennifer Bails for Green Team, Jordan Hoover for Technology, Bob Helfer for Sports, Vita Nemirovsky for the Learning Service Department, Bari Weinberger for grounds and maintenance, and Avi Munro for anything else). Their input will improve your chances for the award. Final award decisions are made by the Parent Association Leadership Board. Complete, detailed applications demonstrating initiative are appreciated.

You may apply for any monetary amount up to $2,000.

Due to fairness of fund distribution, please do not submit grants for individual professional development opportunities (i.e., conferences) or IGNITE projects.

Thank you for taking the time to make valuable improvements to our school community!

If you have any questions, please contact GRANTED! program chair Aviva Rosenberg at

We look forward to your creative applications!

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How will the project impact or enhance the CDS experience? Please include any ways in which this proposal could be used by other grades, departments, or as part of a cross-curricular activity.
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Please describe the total cost, as well as a breakdown of the project costs, if applicable.
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Who will be responsible for implementing the project (e.g., staff, students, parents, community members), and how much time will be required to implement the project?
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If the Parent Association cannot award the full amount requested for this project, please describe if and how the project could still be successful. What would be cut from the project?
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Please describe the time frame of the project, if applicable, including an estimated start and end date. Will there be recurring costs from year to year?
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Please describe whether anyone else will be providing some of the money for this project? If so, who? How much? Do you know of any potential sources of funds for which the school could apply?
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Does the applicant of this grant have any connection to any organization that would receive payment if this grant was awarded? If so, please explain.
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