Mommyhood ABCs-Free Month Advertising
This form is for those that are interested in taking advantage of a FREE month of advertising from Mommyhood ABC's. Please see the advertising opportunities that are in place. If you have any questions, please contact me via email at

After this FREE month of advertising, if you would like further advertising, I would love to have you work with me further on advertising your business. I have 6 month and 1 year packaged advertising deals if you would like to talk about those. Otherwise, the monthly prices are as followed in the advertising kit.

Please remember, advertising usually takes longer than a month to really see if it is working, so please consider that before turning down further advertising with Mommyhood ABC's.

Basic Business Information
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Business Owner Name
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Business Name
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Category(ies) Name 3 categories your business falls under. Like direct sales, jewelry and small business
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Type of Advertising Wanted
Please let me know which type of advertising you are looking for. Not all advertising is available during the FREE month of advertising or it is available, but requires certain needs. Please choose from the following.
Business Directory - Please list up to 3 social media links, a brief description about your business & email me a logo image.
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Event Calendar (Always FREE) - Please list all information for any events you might have coming up!
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Featured Event Ad- For ONLY 1 event! You must provide ads to be used, otherwise it will be $25 to create your ads needed.
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Featured Blog Post - For ONLY 1 blog post, must provide a giveaway from your business that is a value of at least $25.00.
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Business Ads - Must provide own ad otherwise each ad will cost $10.00 to be created Only (1) FREE
Final Questions
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Total for Advertising
Payment (If anything is owed)
By Submitting & Signing Below
I understand that typing in my name below and hitting submit, I am entering into an agreement with Mommyhood ABC's. I understand that this first month of advertising is completely FREE, unless I need advertising design. All advertising design is NONREFUNDABLE. I understand that all advertising design will allow for ONLY 2 changes. I understand that I need to approve these ads and if I am not satisfied with the first 2 mock up ads, I will be responsible for providing an ad A.S.A.P. I understand that all advertising will be over at the end of the 30 days from the day that advertising begins. Please see agreement for the advertising start date and end date to confirm. If I would like to keep my advertising, I will need to look into paid advertising with Mommhood ABC's. I also understand that Mommyhood ABC's will provide a 10% discount if further advertising is arranged before the end of your FREE trial. Mommhood ABC's has the right to deny any and all businesses as they deem fit. I understand that until confirmation is received, I am not approved for advertising until then.
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