Video testimonials. 25th Anniversary of CEEMAN
Background information:
All CEEMAN members, partners and friends are cordially invited to send video contributions, reflecting on the quarter of a century existence of CEEMAN.

These videos will be used to showcase our collective and individual achievements, and will present how we, as CEEMAN members, look into the future.

You and your organisation are free to shape the video in the way, which is most meaningful to you and allows to tell your story of being a part of CEEMAN.

Questions below may help in your reflection and video preparation. You may choose to answer all questions, pick some, or provide any other thoughts or wishes for CEEMAN.

In case of queries, please, contact Mr. Artyom Ushnichkov, who will support you gladly. Phone: +386 4 57 92 516 / E-mail:

1. What are your first thoughts when you think about CEEMAN? What does CEEMAN mean to you and your organisation?
2. What in your mind is CEEMAN's main value and main achievement? How has CEEMAN supported you and your organisation?
3. What are your recommendations for the future of CEEMAN? How would you define excellence and relevance?

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