Are you ready for #ThatRemoteLife?
Sure, COVID-19 have forced many of us to work from wherever, but if you had a choice, are you best equipped to work completely remote from wherever? Do you just want an occasional day or two out of office? Do you just not have or can't afford an office and work remotely by force? or are you not fully ready to make the remote leap? Our quiz provides a quick yet thorough way to assess where you are on the remote work spectrum.
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How well do you manage distractions? *
How is your work-life balance?
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What word best describes your "Monday Mood"? *
Your team wants to organize daily remote check ins, what are you thinking?
How do you relate to supervision?
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You have to work remote for a month, what are you taking?
How are you at meeting deadlines
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What statement best describe your current remote work position? *
How Internet Savvy are you? *
You're 7 hours ahead of your home time zone and required to complete a work report, what are you thinking?
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Have you ever worked remotely before?
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