Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Survey
How experienced of a bicyclist are you?
Where are you comfortable walking and/or bicycling?
Very uncomfortable
Very comfortable
Paths and trails
Bike lanes
On the road, on low traffic streets
Side paths along streets
On the shoulder of a street
On the road, even if traffic speeds and volumes are higher
How do you feel bicyclists and pedestrians in your area behave?
Mark all that apply
How do you feel drivers in your area behave around bicyclists and pedestrians?
Mark all that apply
How important is it that you can walk or bike to...
1 (not important)
5 (very important)
Work or school
Public transportation stops
Shopping and errands
Parks and recreation
Entertainment and restaurants
Libraries and Government Buildings
Other (specify)
What are the biggest obstacles to walking and bicycling?
Mark all that apply
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