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The Self-Esteem research and development at EmbraceHealthFoundation has proven to provide key insights into an integral facet of health and wellness for all individuals. The self-esteem of an individual is intricately connected to the physical and mental and social spheres for an individual. Please consider our reflections. It is supported by our enriched data base and focuses on individuals who care for children and youth or for parents to do with their child or youth. At EmbraceHealthFoundation we support wellness of the caregivers as immediate facilitators to sustaining wellness for children and youth in their care and outreach. EmbraceHealthFoundation supports a positive cognitive mindset reflective practice. For more information or specific resources or to join a parent or youth forum to support children and youth contact us at

Thank you for your time in your reflections!
How do you see your self-esteem as a factor in your own wellness or that of the children and youth in your care? Please share thoughts, comments and reflections. *
Having a daily mindfulness routine that supports reflective time, can really support a positive reboot and support a better perspective and mindset. Have you tried this on a consistent routine? Please share thoughts, comments and reflections. *
Supporting personal wellness and the wellness of children and youth in your care is a positive proven means to building wellness in little measurable ways everyday. Please share your thoughts, comments and reflections. *
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