Now Hiring: Software Engineers
What we are building right now – you would work on this:
• React Native app for iPhone and Android
• Python (Flask) back end
• Associated web front end for admins and traders

What we have built already:
• The initial Reserve stablecoin, RSV, a set of Ethereum smart contracts
• A web3 issuance and redemption portal for RSV
• An earlier version of the React Native app, for Android

Some things we expect to build:
• An ongoing series of additional features for the app and web platform
• A desktop front end for the platform, for use by traders
• The fully featured Reserve stablecoin, another set of (more complicated) Ethereum smart contracts

• We tend to offer larger total compensation packages than other startups when you count the equity, even at conservative valuations
• But, the cash portion of compensation tends to be below-market – we have a long cash runway and we want to keep it that way for now
• So, if you are looking to maximize cash income, do not apply, and if you are up for having skin in the game and maximizing expected value, you will fit in

Other info:
• We are a remote team, open to team members from any country, so long as they are willing to match timezones with the engineering team (roughly Eastern Time US 9am - 5pm)
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