Safe Routes to Summitt Elementary Survey (also bus routes to Summitt's vertical team)
Hi. Please help us gather some information regarding your child's route to Summitt Elementary. Even if your child isn't quite school age please complete the survey envisioning the future. We have a unique opportunity to fight for some more of the 2016 Mobility Bond dollars if we find a true need and present it with data and reason. So please use 15 minutes to provide your input to help us improve our neighborhood school routes. Skip any sections that don't apply to you now or in the future.

Please NOTE: NONE of your personal information will be shared. ALL information will be presented with all personal identifiers excluded.

Do you currently have a child(ren) attending Summitt?
Please check ALL that match your kid(s)' grade level for this school year.
How does your child currently get to/from Summitt? Check ALL that apply.
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