MPCS COVID - 19 Student Daily Checklist
If you reply YES to any of these symptoms please notify the school immediately.
Student's First and Last Name: *
Do your child have a fever? *
Is your child's temperature above 100.4? *
Has your child lost sense of taste or smell? *
Muscle Ache? *
Throat sore? *
Cough? *
Shortness of Breath? *
Chills? *
Headache? *
Nasal congestion? *
Fatigue? *
Has your child experienced any GI symptoms such as nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/loss of appetite? *
Has your child or anyone you have been in close contact with been diagnosed with COVID-19 or been placed in quarantine for possible contact with COVID-19? *
Has your child or someone that you have been in contact with traveled to a State that is on the travel advisory list for NJ? *
Statement *
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