ResLife Guest Registration
Overnight guest registration is a part of the University’s overall safety plan for students/ faculty/staff and guests.

Only legal aged adults will be permitted to be overnight guests in residential facilities at Plymouth State.
Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted to be an overnight guest.

Only those who complete the overnight guest registration form will be authorized
to spend the night in a residential facility at Plymouth State University.

Unauthorized persons found in any facility at Plymouth State University are
subject to arrest by the University Police Department.

Overnight guests are not permitted in university housing without advance permission of all residents of the room or apartment in which they are staying.

Hosting students are responsible for the conduct of, including damages done by, the guest whether or not the guest is invited.

A student may be held accountable through the student conduct process for the actions/damages of their guests.

It is a privilege not a right for a guest to be in the residence halls. Residential life personnel may request a guest leave at any time if the guest’s behavior is inappropriate, in conflict with community expectations or University policies, or is jeopardizing the wellbeing of residents.
Advance permission must be given by all roommates residing in a room or apartment prior to a guest staying overnight.
Residents are allowed to have overnight guests up to 2 nights per week. These guests could be students or non-students.
Each resident may have up to 2 guests, student or non-student, visiting their room/apartment at any given time.
All non-student guests must be registered at the University Police Department located at 2 High Street.
Non-student guests are required to be in the company of their student hosts for the duration of their stay on the campus of Plymouth State University.
All non-student guests must have photo identification with them and provide it to a University official when requested. Individuals who are unable to or refuse to produce photo identification when requested may be asked to leave campus.

Guests who are not accompanied by a resident of the building they are visiting may be asked to leave.
Guests found to be in violation of or University policy may be banned from the residential area or the campus and are subject to arrest for criminal trespassing.

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