Woman Within® Weekend - Staff Application - South Africa 2020
Application Form
This form is for applying to staff the Woman Within® Weekends hosted by Women for Africa.
Staff selection can take place as early as 90 days prior to the Weekend.
Staff application deadline is Friday 27 March 2020.

Soon after staff selection is made, a notice will be sent to you stating if you are:
1. accepted for staffing,
2. put on a wait list for staffing, or
3. advised to do further preparation prior to staffing.
Requests received after staff have been selected will be reviewed on a needs basis.

REQUIREMENTS for First Time Staffing
1. Completion of the Woman Within® Weekend
2. Commitment to working on your own issues in some way
(It is very important that we are each committed to do our individual work apart from staffing Weekends)
3. Payment of staffing fee
4. Attendance at the staff meeting(s) with first staff meeting starting Friday 9am sharp on the weekend you are staffing.
5. Attendance at the Celebration following the Weekend
(Waiver for this will be made for staff who come from out of town)
6. Completion of One-Day Staff Training (time and venue TBA)

Our weekends are only possible if we have staff to support women in their journey of transformation on the weekends. We are so grateful for those who step up to make a difference in other women's lives. When stepping up, we rely on you to make these weekends happen. Your job has a very sacred purpose and so we ask you to honour your intention to staff the weekend you select.

Running a weekend is based on women stepping up to staff. If staff need to withdraw it could impact on the the weekend continuing or being cancelled. Therefore, we ask you to make a commitment to yourself and to WfA to honor this very important role you are applying for.

As Staff you are asked to be at the site from the Thursday afternoon before the weekend until approximately 5pm on the Sunday evening. The first staff meeting starts Friday morning 9am sharp.

Please note that you are also required to attend the Celebration Evening which will be held on Tuesday the 9th of June 2020 at 7pm. Please be there for 6.30pm.
I have read and understood the above *
Select the Weekend(s) you wish to staff
Cape Town May/June Woman Within® Weekends *
Cape Town October Woman Within® Weekend
Note: A separate application form for October can be submitted later.
Johannesburg October Woman Within® Weekend
Note: A separate application form for October can be submitted later.
I agree to attend the June 2020 celebration evening *
As part of my staffing responsibilities I agree to attend the celebration after the weekend (more information will be sent closer to the time).
Personal Information
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Staffing Information
My own Woman Within® Weekend *
Place I attended my own weekend
Year I attended my own Woman Within® Weekend *
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How many times have you staffed *
Please provide an approximate number if you are not sure exactly how many times you have staffed before.
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If this is your first time staffing, you will be required to attend a one day staff training. Can you commit to this? *
Date and place to be confirmed.
I have completed the Woman Within® Skills Workshop (fka Women Empowering Women) *
WWSkills completed year?
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I have completed the Woman Within® Level 2 Workshop (fka Wholeness) *
Level 2 completed where and when?
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Other ways I support my ongoing development are *
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What staff roles have you performed? *
What staff role would you prefer this year? *
Are you interested in entering the Facilitation Track? *
If already on the Facilitation Track, certified at level
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Additional Information
Are you certified in the following? *
If yes, please email a copy of your certificates to staffing@wfa.org.za (please ensure the certificates are dated).
Health information
Health Conditions (i.e. pregnancy, blood pressure, etc.) *
If you have any health conditions that we should know about, please choose option "Other" and describe your health conditions.
Medication currently taking *
If you are currently taking any medication, please choose option "Other" and list the name of the medication and what it is used for.
Additional information
Please indicate whether you are willing to support the weekend by helping with any of the jobs below
What I bring to the Weekend as my gifts *
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What I bring to the Weekend as my shadows *
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Payments and Cancellation Policy
Please do not make payment now. Payment is due once you have received a confirmation letter that your place is guaranteed.

The cost to Staff is R1500 per weekend which includes a R500 non-refundable deposit. This fee covers accommodation, meals and snacks. Specific details will be provided two weeks before the weekend.

Payments to be paid into the following account:

Account Name: Women for Afrika
Bank: ABSA
Account No: 4062350809
Branch No. 632005
Reference: Your name, surname and the word ‘STAFF’

Please send proof of payment to: Staffing@wfa.org.za

Overseas Staff will be sent details on how to make payment from overseas.

Cancellation 14 days or more prior to the first day of the Woman Within® Weekend for which you have registered to Staff:
- A refund, less the R500 non-refundable deposit, will be made if we receive your cancellation notice in writing no less than 14 working days prior to the first day of the Woman Within® Weekend for which you have registered to Staff.

Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the first day of the Woman Within® Weekend for which you have registered to Staff:
- Will result in 100% forfeiture of the full staffing fee.
- If cancellation is due to medical reasons, please submit a valid Doctor’s Certificate indicating reason for cancellation. In these special cases you would receive a refund less the R500 non-refundable deposit.
I have read and understood the Payment and Cancellation policy *
By signing this form, indicates full understanding and acceptance of the information, terms and conditions outlined on this form.

Please print your full name and today's date below:
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Women for Afrika welcome all women and prohibit discrimination based on race, colour, origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.
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