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FearLess Project
If you are anything like me you are probably having trouble navigating and finding a sense of grounding in a nation that has never come to grips with the social ramifications of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, seems to want to close the immigration doors right after entering, refuses to recognize women as more then accessories to men and now has invested in hate in the form of leadership. So yeah, we have some problems, big ones and its so easy to concentrate on all our woes, be scared and feel little. I challenge you to concentrate your energies into really digging deep and answering the question what do you want? How do you want to be seen, how do you want to feel what does your community feel and look like? What's the ideal situation and how do we get there? Unapologetic? How to we start to conceptualize and do this in a way that is non-responsive and autonomous? So many actions and unjust deeds are done out of fear. Fear of poverty, fear of powerlessness, fear of health repercussions. What happens if we move and build Fearlessly? So I ask you "what will make you fear less"?

This is a an interactive art piece. Please jot down your response to "what will make you fear less? and deposit the in the box. These thoughts and concepts will be used to create a sight specific wall piece in early spring.

Thanks for participating. We will keep you posted on the progress of this art piece and related programming

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So, What will make you Fearless?
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