Week 19 of Laws of the Game test - questions by Dutch Referee Blog
Refsworld UK has made some referee goodies available for Dutch Referee Blog's Laws of the Game Quizzes. The monthly prize will (randomly) be alloted to one of the contestants who scored the most points in a particular month. If you want your weekly scores to be summed up, make sure you write down the same email address and user name every week.

NB: if you only want to practice the Laws of the Game you don't have to fill out the user name and email address.
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1. A penalty kick is taken and the air goes out of the ball after the ball was touched by the goalie. The ball reaches a defender who kicks it over the goal line. What does the referee decide? *
2. In which of the following situations play needs to be restarted with in indirect free kick? *
3. A scissors or bicycle kick ... *
4. The game is almost over. The referee has allowed some additional time for a penalty kick to be taken. The player kicks the ball on the crossbar, it bounces back into the field of play before the goal-line and then goes into the goal. The referee ... *
5. A player has seen the famous Panenka penalty kick and wants to become famous as well by creating his own style. He backheels the ball into the goal. What does the referee decide? *
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