Saurashtra GPL Registration Form
Tournament shall be played on knock-out basis. Tournament shall be played on turf wicket in accordance with the laws of cricket (2000 Code 6th Edition – 2015) of BCCI.

Tournament each side will play for 20 -20 overs with Power play in the first 6 overs with maximum of 2 players outside 30 yards circle. Each inning must be completed within 80 min only. If not, penalty of 5 runs will be awarded to the side delaying the match.

No. bowler shall bowl more than one fourth of total / agreed / prescribed number of over in an inning.

Each team shall report on ground 30 minutes before scheduled match time in proper playing kit and same colour dress. If any team fails to report in time, “Walk-over” shall be awarded.

Each team of 16 players only shall be nominated prior to the tournament. Players will not be allowed in playing XI until submission of photograph.

Match will start with less players also. But, after 4 overs, players will not be included in the playing XI and team will have to continue playing with same number of players.

Penalty of 4 runs shall be awarded to batting side if an incoming batsman does report at the crease and resume play within 1 Minutes after the batsman is declared ‘out’.

If game could not become possible because of unforeseen reason in first inning or before power play of second inning, 30 min waiting period is reserved and 5-5 over match will be before the schedule match of next day. Again if the match does not become possible due to any reason, then the match will be finally decided by “spin of coin”.

In case of unavoidable interruption (power supply/rain fall), in second inning after power play and there is no further possibility of match play then the result of match will be decided by the highest run scored during the power play.

If any player is found playing for more than one team, strict actions in termination of participation of the team allowing the said player will be taken with immediate effect by committee.

In case of tied match, the match shall be decided with “Super Over” (Number of wicket fall shall not be taken into account).

Protest if any, must be submitted in writing within half an hour after the completion of the match / inning to the jury of committee along with protest fee Rs. 5000/- in cash which will not be refunded unless the protest is ultimately upheld by the committee.

There shall be no verbal discussion / argument with any official / ground staff on any disputed any matter. It may be communicated in writing to organizing committee only Captain.

The decision of the jury of committee / organizing committee will be final, binding to all participating / team management and it will not be changed by anybody in any court of law.

Gutkha / Tobacco, alcohol drinks, eatable / food items onion-garlic / non-veg. food and smoking is prohibited inside SGVP Campus.

The organizers will not be responsible for any kind of loss / damage / injury to any person or property during the tournament.

Misconduct / misbehaviour on or of ground will be reported to police for necessary action.

Organizing committee reserves all rights to formulate / change / amend any rule any time during the tournament.

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