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About Artists Compound
Artists Compound is... a central booking organization, for connecting artists to opportunities with organizations through our virtual & venue locations, for ALL of Baltimore artists. In our Baltimore Artists Directory, we make it easy for artists to be discovered by people who might be seeking specific types of creative talent.
We offer a collection of services to assist artists in becoming more self-reliant such as:
• Events, Galleries & Showcases
• Educational Workshops
• Artist Development, Booking & Promotion
Our Mission Statement
Artists Compound is an organization committed to artistic advocacy. Our mission is to champion artists of diverse art forms through collaboration and event planning with venues and communities. We strive to foster inspiration and the creative freedom of expression. Artist Compound incorporates innovation and imagination to serve artists with promotional and educational opportunities.

“Other people's dreams are our passions.” Chastity Sollmer, Main Brain (CEO) of Artists Compound.

Benefits of Becoming a Member
• Event Coordination
• Curating / Booking
• Workshops / Education
• Videography
• Music Production Assistance
• Networking
• Promotions & Content Marketing
• Retail- Online & Physical Locations
• Opportunities to be paid for your work
• SEO Artists Directory
• Artists Blog Spotlights
• Members receive special discounts including with our partner businesses • 20% commission rates instead of 30% commission rates for non-members
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