#RomanceClass X OPM!
Okay #romanceclass, here's the thing: We're celebrating Buwan ng Wika again in three months and I wanted to do a mini blog project that brings together two of my favorite things--#romanceclass books and Original Pilipino Music!

From June to August, I am planning to post an OPM playlist on my blog, Tara Tries to Write. But they're not just some ordinary playlists. They are playlists YOU will help build!

How? We start with this form below. Think of an OPM song that is relevant to any of your books or scenes from your books. It doesn't matter if it's a nineteen-kopong-kopong song, or if it's an indie song by a band no one has heard of before. What's important is that it's ORIGINAL PILIPINO MUSIC. Meaning: No remakes of songs written by non-Filipinos.

Got the song? Good. Write it down below and give me some sort of annotation. Why is the song relevant to your book? Does it express your character's hugot to a T? Does it seem like a song your characters would be listening to, singing, or even writing?

Hit the submit button and you're done! I will be curating the songs, creating playlists out of them, and posting them on my blog soon. There will be three playlists, so don't worry if you don't see your contributions in June. It'll most probably appear in either the July or August posts.

Have more than one #romanceclass book? That's actually awesome, because you can submit more songs! You have to submit songs one at a time, though, because that'd be easier for me. Hah.

Okay, ready? Let's get it on!

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