2018 - 2019 | RHA Resource Garage Item Request Form
Please complete this form to reserve an item from the Resource Garage.
- Items not returned on time or damaged when returned will be subject to monetary penalization
- The reservation has NOT been made until you receive a request approval email AFTER your confirmation email.
- Requests will be approved or denied three days prior to the Resource Garage hour before your event.
- Requests should be made at maximum fourteen days before your scheduled event and minimum 3 days before.
- Please email prm@rha.gatech.edu for requests submitted for events occurring less than seven days from your event.
- Items you have requested are not guaranteed to be in the Resource Garage.
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If applicable, please use your RHA email address. Otherwise, use your gatech.edu email address.
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If you are a resident, Hall Council Officer, SSM, or Hall Director requesting items
If you represent a Georgia Tech organization requesting items
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If you represent a GT student organization; contact the SOFO office if you don't know your number
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If the event does not have a formal or official name, enter "N/A"
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Please list any comments/questions/concerns about your order, or the quantity of items that you will need. Feel free to use this space to suggest items for the Resource Garage as well!
E.g. I will need probably need 2 red coolers and 1 white cooler or Have you thought about getting a manual scoreboard?
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Event Date *
Must be at least three days before the event for request to be valid.
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