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Want to get better at the Olympic Lifts? Barbell Fundamentals if our intensive course designed to teach you how to Snatch and Clean & Jerk safely and effectively. This 4 class course will benefit ANYONE trying to improve, regardless of experience level. AS AN ADDED BONUS, each participant receives their first month of Barbell Club as part of their registration for this course! Have more in depth questions? Please email for more info!

If you are not a current member of CrossFit Bethesda/Tough Temple CrossFit, we can create a profile and charge you on first day of class. All attendees please arrive 15 minutes prior to class time to confirm registration and get all necessary information before class begins.

- Location: CrossFit Bethesda - 4848 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814
- Course Cost: $99 for members, $149 for nonmembers
- November 11, 12, 18, 19 - 12pm-2pm each day
- Detailed instruction on Snatch/Clean & Jerk and variations
- In depth explanation of Barbell Club programming and structure
- Lecture and Q&A sessions during each class to reinforce material and help retention
- Practical practice in all lifts will comprise the majority of class time


John Weeks is co-owner and coach at both CrossFit Bethesda and Tough Temple CrossFit. Shortly after beginning his CrossFit journey, he fell in love with the Olympic lifts. Realizing his lack of knowledge is this aspect of training led to his study with several coaches. He received his USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certification from Ursula Garza Papandrea, Senior International Coach and President of USA Weightlifting. After working side by side with National Coach John Filippini for over a year running Tough Temple Barbell Club, John received his Advanced Sports Performance Coach certification. He continues to run Tough Temple Barbell Club, training up weightlifters, CrossFitters, youth athletes, and masters competitors alike.

Tough Temple Barbell Club has become one of the largest and most active weightlifting clubs in the Maryland Potomac Valley region. Our lifters have competed at American Open Series & Finals, Masters Worlds, and we are excited to introduce our Youth lifters at Youth Nationals in 2018!

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