Polling the Outdoors Club
Winter 2018
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Class year
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How many weekend-long outdoors club trips have you been on in your time at Pitt?
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What's been your favorite trip? Why?
What sort of trips would you like to see more of next year?
Day trips? Weekend trips? Any particular activity?
What are your top 3 favorite outdoor activities?
Other than snowsports
Do you have any ideas for new club trips? Destinations & activities
They must be within 250 miles of Pitt
How could we make signing up trips at the meeting less aggressive?
What is the best way to send out trip sign up sheets?
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Have you always been able to borrow the gear you needed from the club? If not, what was missing?
Is there any gear you wish we had?
Are you harboring any gear you've been meaning to return?
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What sorts of social events would you like to see more of next year?
This year we had meetings, a brunch picnic, service opportunities, apple picking, many karaoke & bar nights, Halloween costume shopping, Reel Rock, No Man's Land Film Fest, Phipps, and the ABC party
How could we be more inclusive and welcoming?
Any other comments, concerns, blindspots, feedforward, compliments, spray, beta, panico, stress?
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