Competition of Distributed and Multiagent Planners (CoDMAP)
Welcome to the CoDMAP pre-registration poll. The CoDMAP competition is meant to be a preliminary version of possible future IPC Multiagent planning track. To start with something, we focus on the following target requirements:

   i)   deterministic model (STRIPS-compatible)
   ii)  domain-independent
   iii) cooperative agents (common public and/or non-interfering private goals; common metrics)
   iv) offline (as in IPC Deterministic Track: input → planning→ output (plan)→ check)

We know the requirements may be limiting, please feel free to state your preferred requirements in the Additional comments section.

Please, fill in the poll also if you have (currently) no planner but you are interested in the topic. If your planner has multiple configurations, please select all applicable answers and add a note to the Additional comments section. If you have multiple planners, please submit one form per planner.

It is ok if you fill in just some of the answers.

Thank you for your participation.

Contact person:

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Target requirements
If the planner does not sarisfy the target requirements, please specify what are the differences (e.g., “my multiagent planner is an online Dec-POMDP planner”)
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Would you like to submit your planner to the competition?
no way
sure, my planner is ready to go
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Multiagent planning model
Does your planner support planning of joint-actions?
(similar as proposed in [2])
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The structure of agents in my planner is:
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Privacy model
Pick a level of privacy best representing your planner :
(the private/public terms follow the MA-STRIPS [1] definition)
Does your planner support private propositions in the initial state?
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Does your planner support private propositions in the goal?
(That is private goals.)
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Input of my planner can be in form of:
Output of my planner can be in form of:
My planner is?
My planner focuses on:
Please, check all answers which your planner is capable of now, and also for which you are willing to modify your planner for the competition.
(computation) In my planner:
(computation ‒ per agent parallelism) In my planner:
(communication) In my planner:
My planner runs on:
My planner supports running from command-line (similarly as IPC planners).
(or you are willing to modify it so)
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My planner is written (mostly) in programming language(s), specify.
The source code of my planner can be published.
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Additional comments
Feel free to fill in any additional comments and remarks
[1] Brafman, Ronen I., and Carmel Domshlak. "From One to Many: Planning for Loosely Coupled Multi-Agent Systems." ICAPS. 2008.

[2] Ronen Brafman and Uri Zoran, Distributed Heuristic Forward Search with Interacting Actions, Proceedings of 2nd DMAP Workshop, 2014.
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