eHealth Challenge Daily Check In
Check in to win and get healthier by adopting the Habits of Health! When the challenge starts, begin collecting points by practicing the Habits of Health in 5 different areas (see below). You get to decide whether or not you did or didn't practice the habit. Our goal isn't to be the judge but rather to help you reflect on your habits and to give you tips, support and accountability to improve them while having fun in the process!

Score your daily habits in the following 5 areas:

1. Healthy Hydration - strive to drink 64+ oz. of water daily.

2. Healthy Nutrition - follow a healthy eating plan to achieve your goals. If you need assistance with creating a plan, reach out to the coach who invited you to participate and they can assist you with simple meal plans.

3. Healthy Mind/Learning - Check the app daily to read the Daily Challenge Tip and participate in the Facebook Group for encouragement, tips, recipes, etc.

4. Healthy Exercise - be active and get in daily activity and exercise to achieve your fitness/movement goals you've set for yourself.

5. Healthy Sleep/Energy Management - Practice healthy sleep habits and strive to get 7-8 hrs. of sleep each night.

Please complete this form each night of the challenge before 11:59 PM to be entered into our daily prize drawing and recap your progress in habit stacking!
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