Case Study #1
Clinical History

The patient is a 64 year old Japanese woman with a history of disseminated nocardial infection, with abscesses in the brain and lung and a facial herpetic infection. A complete blood count showed a hemoglobin of 122 g/L, platelet count of 313 x 10^9/L and elevated white blood cell count of 45.6 x 10^9/L with 73% lymphocytes.

A bone marrow biopsy was hypercellular for age with 15% large, atypical cells.

Flow Cytometry of peripheral blood showed bright CD45/LCA staining with 98% T cells. 98% of the T cells marked with CD2, CD3, CD4 and CD5, and 4% marked with CD8 and CD7.

Other Lab Tests:
Calcium of 8.4 mg/dl
LDH: 452 U/L (high)
HTLV-1: 2+ positive by ELISA
Western Blot: Bands present at p16, gp21 and gp46-1
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