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Mayworks curates and presents artistically compelling projects through an annual multidisciplinary arts festival: the Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts. We showcase working people’s art, and promote artists-as-workers and workers-as-artists. As the longest-running labour arts festival in Canada, Mayworks connects with a diverse community of activists, artists and workers who engage in creative and bold responses to pressing issues at the intersection of art, social justice and labour.

This is a crucial moment for the organization as Mayworks is in the process of crafting a new five-year strategic plan to envision our future while navigating a change in leadership and assessing our responses to the long-term impact of COVID-19 in the non-profit arts sector. Within this context, there is also great opportunities for innovative and skillful people to join the Board of Directors and help shape the future of the organization through responsible governance.


If you have a passion for the arts and a dedication to the labour movement (formal and grassroots), we want to hear from you! We're looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our Board of Directors who:

(*) Enjoy collaboration and have the capacity to contribute time, energy and knowledge
(*) Can commit to a minimum of two years (members can serve up to six consecutive years)
(*) Have experience in working with non-profits, art organizations, festivals, artists or labour movements

Members have the following responsibilities:

(*) Commit to the goals and objectives of Mayworks Festival
(*) Attend, support, and promote events of the organization
(*) Commit to participating in monthly board meetings (with a summertime break) and annual strategy sessions. Meetings are in the evenings and currently held remotely. 
(*) Active correspondence with other board members via email in between meetings
(*) Active participation in at least one committee

While prior board experience is considered an asset, it is not mandatory to apply. Experience in fundraising, communications, marketing, building partnerships or accounting are also assets.

The board meets on a monthly basis and takes a break during the summer time. Meetings are currently being held remotely. Also, please note that Board membership is voluntary and there is no financial compensation.

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