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Application of a Price Quote and/or Product Order for Fine Jewelry-"TOSHIMI" with “ai-TOP”

Thank you for visiting our website for the price quote or product purchase of Fine Jewelry-TOSHIMI with “ai-TOP”. 

Since "TOSHIMI" products are hand-made base individually by your order, we need to know your preference and request through this web site for the first place. Then you will receive a sample price qoute by E-mail a few minutes after you complete your information entry at this site. 

Sooner we will contact you for detailed explanation and further consultation by visiting your place or by online interview. We will start manufacturing your TOSHIMI producet after we complete the final design and selection of jewelry over a contract with your payment up front.

Since the price of the TOSHIMI products is high over 2 millions Japanese yen at least, the Japanese laws requires us to go through some formal processes with your ID as shown below.
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● ご注文から納品までの流れ - Flow from order to delivery






  • Since the TOSHIMI products are made to custom, we can not accept your request of cancellation and refund at all after your payment.
  • We usually bring the finalized product to your place if you live main islands of Japan. However, it may be possible that your product may be brought by courier or post if you live in a remote island or some rural areas in mountains in Japan. 
  • There may be further charges and taxes for international export and import if you live outside Japan, while the local consumption tax may be waived in this case.


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