HerChesapeake Member Survey
Your feedback is important to us! Please help us evaluate our work, establish our priorities, and make sure we are meeting your needs by answering the questions below.
On a scale of one (not important) to five (very important), please rank the importance of the following HerChesapeake priorities.
1 (Not Important)
5 (Very Important)
Providing space to share and discuss ideas and experiences.
Providing support and inspiration.
Providing professional development.
Helping members meet new people.
Helping members bring business or creative ideas to life.
Hosting field trips.
Hosting networking events.
On a scale of one (strongly disagree) to five (strongly agree), please rank your agreement with the following statements about our quarterly meetings.
1 (Strongly Disagree)
5 (Strongly Agree)
These meetings are fun.
These meetings are engaging.
These meetings explore topics I care about.
These meetings support my personal growth.
These meetings support my professional growth.
What do you like about HerChesapeake?
Your answer
What could improve HerChesapeake?
Your answer
Do you consider yourself a HerChesapeake member? Why or why not?
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What should be HerChesapeake's biggest priority in 2018?
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In your own words, what is the mission of HerChesapeake?
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If you have any additional comments about HerChesapeake, please email HerChesapeake@gmail.com.
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