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Hello friends

Its a new year, a new decade ... and maybe even time for new goals and achievements !!!
- February starter - 3 Week Yoga Challenge!

If you want to START ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS now or learn more complete this form and I will contact you ASAP to get your registered.

After two years of working with various personal trainers & trying different fitness classes and apps, I am loving this online program that I can tackle whenever & where ever I want! I am so excited to have you on the team as we all work at our own pace to reach our personal goals! No matter what your age, experience or fitness level there is something for everyone!

Getting involved in virtual coaching has really been a natural progression for me. I have been sharing my journey with Celiac & Psoriasis online for a few years now so my personal trainer really encouraged me to use my dedication and drive to help other people feel better and get moving no matter what obstacles are slowing us down. My professional experience has all been in business and people training, coaching and development so this has really given me the opportunity to get back into DOING WHAT I LOVE...

HELPING PEOPLE GROW AND LIVE THERE BEST LIFE! I hope to motivate and inspire you to be the best you and be there for you when you need a little extra support to show up and make your goals your reality!

This is a confidential form that will only be used by me (Jessica Danford/GFreeWifey) to assess your goals and find the right program for you!


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Please contact me with any inquires - Jessica Danford @GFreeWifey
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