Beach Fire Brewing - Retail Keg Sale Inquiry
Use this form to request a keg purchase and equipment rental from Beach Fire Brewing. Submission will start the process but will not guarantee that the product will be available. You will be contacted to confirm availability. We will require at least 3 days notice to put a keg order together.

Please read the 'Rental Rules and Refundable Deposits' section at the bottom of this form. You will be required to sign off on this agreement when picking up kegs and equipment.
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Name *
Phone Number *
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Event Address (Where the Beer Will Be Served) *
Start Date *
Generally, we need 3 days notice for keg orders
End date *
Up to 5 days rental unless otherwise agreed upon
Beer *
What kind of beer would you like to purchase? For seasonal beers please fill in the 'Other' option.
Size *
If you want mixed sizes please specify each beer/size using "Other". For example: 1x Pale Ale 50L, 1x  Stout 20L
Equipment *
What equipment do you need to rent in order to dispense the beer?
Jockey Box
A jockey box is a picnic cooler with draft beer taps for dispensing beer. Kegs are hooked up to stainless steel coils inside the cooler which are connected to the taps. The cooler is filled with ice and water. As beer flows through the coil it is chilled to the proper cold serving temperature. Kegs do not need to be refrigerated since the beer is chilled as it is poured. However, kegs should still be kept cool. Kegs are pressurized with CO2 so the beer stays carbonated and fresh even over several days. We have a two tap and a three tap jockey box available.
Party Pump
This is an all metal hand pump with a draft faucet which attaches directly to the top of the keg. The pump is used to pressurize the keg to dispense beer. The keg must be kept cold in a large container with ice. Since air is being used to pressurize the keg, the entire keg must be consumed in less than a day as the beer will immediately begin to oxidize from contact with air. Good for single evening events.
Rental Rules and Refundable Deposits
Deposits can be made in cash, or a credit card number can be kept on file. The deposit is to cover late fees and damage to the equipment, and will not cover full cost of repairs or replacement.  If damage or destruction is discovered beyond the deposit value, the renter agrees to pay for the replacement values of the equipment.  Rental payment is for up to 5 days.  Equipment returned beyond 5 days will be charged additional rental fees prorated daily until equipment is returned. If equipment is returned on time without damage and clean, cash deposits will be refunded in full and\or credit cards will not be charged fees. Please make every effort to return kegs and equipment in a timely manner. Someone else could be waiting for it to make their special event perfect.

Cash deposit amounts:
$100 - Kegs
$200 - Jockey Boxs
$50 - Party Pumps

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