Umatilla High School Alumni Survey
The Umatilla School District hopes your experiences since graduating from UHS have been both rewarding and successful. Please take a moment of your time to complete the survey. Your honest feedback will help us monitor, evaluate and improve programs within the Umatilla School District for students. Thank you for participating!
In which year did you graduate? *
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How many years did you attend Umatilla schools? *
Note: If you attended Kindergarten through 12th grade in Umatilla Schools, please choose 13 years.
Please share your path after leaving UHS (starting in the September following graduation). *
What is your highest level of completed education? *
Please rate your academic skill level of preparation for your post high school path. *
Did you feel more or less prepared than your school/military/work peers who attended a different high school?
What, if anything, could UHS have done to better prepare you for your work/continuing education/military experience?
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Have you achieved your career goals thus far?
If you have not achieved your career goals thus far, what barriers have you encountered?
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What do you feel are the strengths of the Umatilla school system?
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What do you feel are the weaknesses of the Umatilla school system?
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If you would like us to share your demographic information with the Umatilla Alumni Association, please share your name, address, email and phone number.
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Thank you for your time! We appreciate your feedback.
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