Help us to ensure that the local plan will protect homes in Eden from poorly sited wind turbines. Sign the petition!
We consider that the section on Wind Energy Development in the Draft Eden Local plan could provide greater protection of local amenity in terms of visual impact and noise and shadow flicker nuisance. Allerdale Borough Council have recently had a clause in their local plan passed by the Inspectorate which recommends a minimum separation distance of 800m from a turbine (over 25m high) to residential property. The inspector acknowledged in her report that:

"ETSU-R-973 recommends a minimum separation distance of 350m for a ‘typical’ wind turbine in relation to residential development. This, based upon the industry in 1997, is widely regarded as inadequate and out-of-date in application to present-day turbines which are commonly much larger and of greater overall impact than those of 1997."

It is very stressful to find that a turbine is proposed close to one’s home and that government guidelines and local planning policy may not be sufficient to protect one's family from harm. We feel that the people of Eden District should be offered a similar degree of protection as those in Allerdale by including a minimum separation distance of 800m to residential property in our plan.

UPDATE October 2015

The petition is now closed
The above petition achieved over 360 signatures and was presented to Eden District Council.
The Council have now included the following paragraph into the submission version of the Local Plan

4.29.8 In order to address community concerns and in the interests of residential amenity and safety, a minimum separation distance of 800m between wind turbines (over 25m to blade tip) and residential properties will be expected. It is recognised that in some cases due to site - specific factors such as orientation of views, land cover, other buildings and topography it may be appropriate to vary this threshold, where it can be demonstrated through evidence that there is no unacceptable impact on residential amenity. Shorter distances may also be appropriate if there is support from the local community.

Many thanks to all who signed!

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