Product Engineer Application - Stage 1
We're looking for product engineers to join us in building the future of healthcare at Suvera. This role is for people passionate about more than simply technologies, who want to get involved in centralising humanity in healthcare; supercharging the operations of our global healthcare workforce.

We're looking for globally-minded technologists who are keen to push against the status quo in both technology and healthcare, and have a burning desire to improve and evolve the way we build technology collectively and collaboratively.

If you are passionate about building & contributing to a healthy, happy and revolutionary, world-class technology team, and wish to redesign the standards to which we hold ourselves as humans working in technology, this is the place for you.

Suvera is an early-stage VC backed digital health start-up on a mission to proactively maintain people in good health. We have partnered with a number of general practices in the UK, currently trialling our virtual follow up service called CareSupport by Suvera, with over 30,000 patients. With a number of phenomenal advisors and a small team. We have honest ambitions to become the largest healthcare provider in the world.

The full description of this job, our company & tech team is here:

Here are the stages of our hiring process:

*** Stage 1: Submit your answers to the questions in PAGE 2 of this form by Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 3.59pm GMT+0 / 11.59pm GMT+8
Interviews will start from Monday, 22nd February 2021, so applications are being reviewed on a weekly basis.

The questions are designed to make you think, to assess how you would work together with the team and grow in our company. They are considered the first assessment stage, and your invitation to Stage 2 is fully dependent on how well you communicate in this stage. English Language ability is not the priority, but clarity of thought, empathy, integrity, and motivation are. Answers will be reviewed anonymously in batches.

Stage 2: If successful, you’ll be invited to do a take-home code challenge that will take up to 5 hours, and will be discussed over an interview with the tech team. Actual time taken will vary from person to person. For reference, this was our front-end challenge, our full-stack challenge will be set at a similar level:

Final Stage: A general interview with the CTO, another team lead (cross-functional) & other members of the company outside of engineering.
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As a reminder, we are looking for product engineers who:
* Have a firm foundational rooting in technical concepts behind scalable, reliable, privacy-preserving and accessible user-centric web-based applications & architectures
* Take a holistic & modular approach to problem-solving, balancing both technical sustainability and the needs of our diverse healthcare user-base
* Work on shared code in a manner that is both compassionate and helpful to your teammates and future self
* Can work predominantly in JavaScript (Vue & React), HTML & CSS (including frameworks), and willing work & learn with the rest of the team when needed with Go (which we currently use for some back-end APIs)
* Are interested in continuous learning, and adapting to new & emerging industry standards, and keen to be part of a team that is on the leading edge of the latest technologies
* Are clear on what they value, what they know, what they don’t know and communicate clearly when they need support from the team
* Want to contribute to creating the future of the healthcare & technology industries, and play an integral part in developing the team culture, processes, structure and growth of Suvera
* Have an adventurous spirit and are hungry for growth, and want to grow with the company
Thank you for your interest in Suvera! We look forward to your application 😊
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