Mystical Community - LM Monastery
Thank you for your interest in abiding at the Living Miracles Monastery.

During the late fall, the Living Miracles Monastery will transition to being a mystical community residence. This residence is a place of immersion into full-time devotional living.

This application form is for those called to stillness, prayer, living in service, and being part of a group living in residence beginning 1st Nov 2020 for 3 - 6 months, through April 2021.

Please take your time to watch the video below, and prayerfully read through this application form. Together they give a context of the practicalities, purpose and reverence.

If you feel a stirring within your heart, and a knowing that this is the answer to your prayer for deepening, please go ahead and submit this form.

Thank you!

With blessings,
Kirsten Buxton

* Week or month-long personal retreats may open up at a later time. You are welcome to email to share your interest in a retreat stay.

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Mystical Community at the Living Miracles Monastery
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Contribution $1,200-1,500 per month depending on shared or private room. Please indicate the amount you can contribute. *
The cost is a contribution that includes practicalities as well as a contribution to the ministry. It includes awakening and prayer support, attendance at online events such as the Living Miracles monthly online retreats, as well as food and accommodation. An airport shuttle fee is additional if needed.
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