Mystical Community Residential Stays at the Monastery
Thank you for your interest in the Living Miracles Monastery - a place of devotion, reverence and prayer.

This application form is for longer-term immersion into full-time devotional community living, in an A Course In Miracles Monastery. (Find information for shorter "Prayer Stays" here: )

For a fuller understanding of the mystical community context, my book "I Married a Mystic" is an example of the undoing, mind-training, and trust involved.
The entire book was read by me on YouTube recently, which you can find (along with links to order a copy), here:

We very much look forward to hearing from you,

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The Monastery Setting
The Monastery is a magical, reverent place where the rustic surroundings reflect the simplicity and stillness of our natural state of mind. The Monastery grounds are set atop high canyon walls, with the campground nestled in the valley below.

Being high desert, it is hot during the day and it cools off in the evenings (we have AC) during the summer months. It snows during the winter. (Use Google for more specific details). Early Spring and late Fall can have it all!

The Monastery is comprised of mostly wooden buildings, such as a main gathering room, community kitchen, Main House (for overseers), bath house, chapel, and cabins, with steps and stone paths between them. There are several domes (bedroom spaces). Most buildings involves steps, and the shared / bunk rooms are up a flight of stairs. The pathways and roads are gravel / stone, and the ground can be uneven in places.
Video #1 Mystical Community Invitation - A sharing about the purpose, undoing the doer, and following the Call.
Video #2 Undoing the Doer with David - this gives a little more context for the purpose of projects for mind-training, attentiveness to Spirit, and awakening. Everyone wants oneness - but the fear of undoing autonomy and independence is deep! Here at the Monastery every moment is truly dedicated to the healing of separation, and knowing Who we Truly are as Spirit - joined in an actual experience through our singular shared Purpose o forgiveness.
Video #3 Prayer Becomes a Song of Gratitude - The Monastery is a place of prayer. Enjoy this glimpse of presence and light, ever available within the stillness of Mind.
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Monthly cost for mystical community residential stay: $1,400 for a shared room, $1,600-$1,800 for a private room. The cost may decrease based on length of stay. Please indicate the amount and type of room.
The cost includes extensive awakening and prayer support, practicalities such as food and accommodation, and attendance at online events that we are guided to join. If this is your first 'devotional stay', the first month is a higher cost. Transport from the airport to the Monastery is not included.
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