Mystical Community at the Monastery
Thank you for your interest in the Living Miracles Monastery - a place of devotion, reverence and prayer.

This application form is for longer-term immersion into full-time devotional community living, in an A Course In Miracles Monastery.
This is for those who:
a) Know ACIM is their path, which, in this context, means undoing the ego through forgiveness, following the Spirits Guidance, and using Service as a means for joining in mind / in shared purpose
b) Desire to deepen in relationship with Jesus / the Holy Spirit and understand that this involves healing through relationships with brothers / sisters
c) Desire peace of mind, and to 'serve the whole' rather than the personal self as a means for transcendence
d) Have experience with, and are inspired by 'inner work'; taking full responsibility for one's state of mind and perceptions, with an open invitation to heal, and undo the ego
e) Have experience in this community context through immersion such as: A Devotional Stay or Retreat with myself / Living Miracles, attended Tabula Rasa Mystery School, or have immersed in a Living Miracles co-living center and are calling to go deeper into awakening through Service

If you are completely unfamiliar with myself, or David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles community as a context for awakening, then please take time to explore more resources online before proceeding with this application process.

"Prayer Stays" are now available at the Monastery. These are an opportunity to immerse in the reverent, service oriented environment of the Monastery for up to two weeks, in support of deepening in relationship with the Spirit / Jesus / God. Opportunities for joining with community members for meditation / prayer / some sessions, and service are individually guided, depending on the Call. See the application here:

Other Resources:
My book "I Married a Mystic" gives a full context of the undoing, mind-training, and trust involved with this awakening path. I read the entire book on YouTube recently, which you can find here:

Retreats and David Hoffmeister YouTube videos: Search for David Hoffmeister Monastery / Service / Projects to find more videos on this context for awakening (including Undoing the Doer below). Join in with Living Miracles online retreats to experience the depth of where these teachings take us, and for more practical experience with those in full-time service to awakening:

If you feel a stirring within your heart, and a knowing that this is the answer to your prayer for deepening, please take your time to watch the videos below, and go through this application form in a prayerful / thorough way.
Then there will be a follow-up call to explore if this is right for you at this time.

I very much look forward to hearing from you,

With Love,

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Video #1 Mystical Community Invitation - A sharing about the purpose, undoing the doer, and following the Call.
Video #2 Undoing the Doer with David - this gives a little more context for the purpose of projects for mind-training, attentiveness to Spirit, and awakening. Everyone wants oneness - but the fear of undoing autonomy and independence is deep! Here at the Monastery every moment is truly dedicated to the healing of separation, and knowing Who we Truly are as Spirit - joined in an actual experience through our singular shared Purpose o forgiveness.
Video #3 Prayer Becomes a Song of Gratitude - The Monastery is a place of prayer. Enjoy this glimpse of presence and light, ever available within the stillness of Mind.
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Mystical Community Residential Stay: How long would you intend to stay? (2 month minimum)
When would your arrival date be?
Monthly cost for mystical community residential stay: $1,400-$1,600 depending on shared or private room and length of stay. Please indicate the amount you can contribute.
The cost includes extensive awakening and prayer support, practicalities such as food and accommodation, and attendance at online events that we are guided to join. If this is your first 'devotional stay', the first month may be a higher cost. Airport shuttle is additional - $60
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