EdTechTeam Student Device Grant
During our initial planning discussions in preparation for the first EdTechTeam Summits, we committed to donating a percentage of the net income from each event directly to classrooms - specifically to put internet connected devices into the hands of students. This grant allows teachers to apply for a class set of Chromebooks to inspire and empower student learning.

In 2015 EdTechTeam purchased and donated 369 devices to 10 deserving recipients in an effort to seed 1:1 classrooms all over the globe. This brings the total number of devices donated thru the Student Device Grant program to over 800!

With a robust schedule of Summits planned for 2017 our hope is to not only grant more classroom sets of devices in the coming months but to grow our committed giving program as a whole.

Student Device Grant
Round 2 to be notified soon

Round 3 - Open July 1 and closes September 30
Winner announced in October!

So... what would you do with a class set of Chromebooks?

Write up your proposal and then submit it via this form.

IMPORTANT: We'd most like to see each class set placed in a 1:1 program (either at the elementary level, or with a single class at the secondary level) that allows students to take the devices home with them on a daily basis. Be sure to describe how students might use the devices in your class, and what you'll do to facilitate student use of the devices for inquiry and creation.

If you're not selected for funding by us, we encourage you to develop an account on DonorsChoose.org (or a similar site), where anyone else can fund your proposals! We see this as a way to empower teachers to seek funding for far more classes than we could ever fund ourselves. If you setup your proposal on DonorsChoose, please let us know. You can promote your proposal anywhere - and we'll help spread the word!
Some info on Donor's Choose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7IUM38Aw8g&t=304s
Donor's Choose YOU - Top 10 Tips to fund your project: http://blog.edtechteam.com/2016/11/donors-choose-you-top-10-tips-to-fund.html

Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We look forward to seeing your proposals, helping to make them happen, and hearing about the impact these devices make in your classes.

On behalf of the entire EdTechTeam, thank you for attending the summit and making this program possible.


Don't miss the EdTechTeam Summits featuring Google for Education, coming to a region near you in 2017: https://events.edtechteam.com/

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