eBook Sales Distribution Permissions Form: Short Story
Please fill this form out in its entirety to have your eBook added to Roselin Books' site store.
UPDATE 9/15/19: This form is for short stories, here defined as works that have a word count under 30,000 words. If your eBook is a novel/novella (above 30,000 words), please see the Novel/Novella form. Novel/Novella submissions made through this form will be declined without review.
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By submitting this Google form, you acknowledge that you are giving permission to Roselin Books to distribute your ebook. Roselin Books acts only as the distributor. By submitting this form, you also claim ownership over the copyright and distribution rights of the content of your submission. You may not submit a work containing someone else's copyrighted content. This service is only available to independent/self published works, wherein the author acts as their own publisher. *
By submitting this Google form, you acknowledge that Roselin Books may reject any submission, or remove any accepted submission from site at any time. Roselin Books may do this without notification depending on the cause of the removal. *
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Please provide a download link for a PDF and/or ePub file of your ebook to be used for distribution. A member of Roselin Books will review it and let you know if it is approved for distribution on our site. If you do not have a download link, please email your submission to official@roselinbooks.com. We reserve the right to reject any and all submissions. *
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If yes, please provide link to where it can be downloaded. If you do not have a download link, please email the file in .jpg or .png format to official@roselinbooks.com
If no, would you like Roselin Books to design a simple cover for use on our site? If yes, please contact official@roselinbooks.com to discuss design and price. If no, your book will be displayed with a flat color image, title, and author credit on site.
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Please select the rating you feel most appropriate for your book. Note: Roselin Books does not distribute erotica or X-rated content at this time. *
If rated PG or higher, would you please briefly describe content warnings that should be included with your book?
By agreeing to allow Roselin Books to distribute your eBook, you will receive 75% of revenue from sales of your book. The list price of short stories is $2, unless discounts are applied. Any and all sales revenue will be paid out to you on the 5th of each month through Paypal. If you agree to these terms, please include your Paypal payment information below. *
Do you wish to include your book in discounts (holiday sales, flash sales, etc.)? Note: this will reduce the revenue from individual sales, but may increase sales and revenue overall *
Can your book be considered an #ownvoices title? If so, please describe how (in as much detail as you are comfortable disclosing)
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