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Please fill this form out when sending in a request for data - it helps the team more efficiently and accurately find the data you need and get it to you quicker!

Although there is no charge for our team completing the data request, we do incur costs accessing court records, and function with an all volunteer staff. If you or your institution is able to provide a tax-deductible donation, you may do so here:
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Please describe the nature of the data you're requesting with as much detail as possible.

(e.g., "I am looking for data on any case, in which a member of the right is charged with a firearm offense, and targeting a site because of an opposition to abortion. I would like all cases, federal and non-federal, since 2010.")
What date is the data needed by? We need at least 5 business days to fulfill requests. *
Would you like us to include Federal AND/OR Non-Federal cases? *
Would you like Pending, Complete, AND/OR Incomplete Cases?

(Pending cases are coded to the best of out ability but may be missing some data as the case proceeds through the court system)
(Incomplete cases are provided to aid investigators in their research but are not finished, verified, or audited)
In your case selection, what is your desired date range (from 1990-present)? *
Which location(s) would you like to be included?
(please specify the city(s), state(s), region(s) to be included or excluded)
(note that we only include cases within the US)
Are there other classification filters or criteria you would like the data to include or exclude? 

For example, we can filter by time period, geography, individual v. multi-defendant cases, target type, nature of the crime, whether the case is classified as a hate crime, completed v. prevented crimes, and/or selection by a specific criminal offense. 

We can also restrict cases by defendants' ideology, group affiliation, motive, casualties, age, gender, race, veteran status, etc.
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