Kickstarter Interest Survey
So we would like do an Eliyo Kickstarter early next year in order to finish getting Eliyo off the ground. There are a lot of art and features that require time and money to finish that we feel a Kickstarter would help us accomplish. This survey is to gauge interest and see were we are at currently to help us as we plan going forward.

There are a number of stretch goals we would hope to reach but the funding goal itself would go towards the Town Exploration feature which includes a lot more places in Lavinth, more NPCs and more interaction between them, some smaller mini games/daily type options, quests, and NPC battles. We have a lot of ideas for this that would make exploration something fun to do with different NPCs appearing at different times and some tasks only available on some days.

It would also include a full human avatar system (bases to be previewed soon on the discord!) to represent your adventurer and likely 2 more elons. One already selected and another that could be voted on from our options by the community.

Would you support an Eliyo Kickstarter? (pick all relevant)
We are thinking of releasing a 'Dev Access' option as reward tier. This would allow people to get early access to some currently in development features. Would you pay for this tier?
What type of rewards would you like to see and what would you spend on them?
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Are there any rewards you would NOT like to see?
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