Safesompis - Anonymous incident report form
You can use this form or e-mail directly us at to inform us about any issue regarding Sompasauna.

These might include but are not limited to:

Threatening behaviour, violence or other criminal activity
Sexual misconduct or harassment
Dangerous items or other safety hazards on property

This form is monitored by association board members, particularly those appointed to handle safety issues.  If you want to provide us more information about your incident (evidence etc) or want to pursue the issue (press charges) we recommend that you also contact us via e-mail or other means so we can help you further.

Possible outcomes of your incident report:

Safety hazards on property should be dealt with normal routines and keep bugging us if you don't see them getting fixed. Timeline for these might vary from few days to a couple of weeks depending on criticality. Incidents involving people will be handled case by case. Depending on the severity of issue we might issue warnings, bans and/or forward the incident to police for further investigation and support authorities they see fit.
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Date & Time of the incident *
Approximate date and time of the incident when it occurred. This might help us with gathering more information on the topic from other sources.
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