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Hello there! We're the LEAP Lab at NTU, and we study language learning and parent-child interactions in infants 0-18 months. Thank you for your interest in our infant studies. Please fill in this form so that we can review the suitability of your infant for our studies.

Our current study may involve the following tasks:

1. Telling a story to your infant (10 minutes)
You will be asked to read aloud to your infant from a picture book.

2. Language learning task
Your infant will be seated comfortably on your lap and presented with audiovisual material. We will be monitoring whether your infant looks at the images or is temporarily disinterested, so that we can infer what types of sound sequences are associated with the images they prefer.

3. Language perception task (20 minutes)
Your infant will be seated comfortably on your lap and presented with auditory material from different languages. He or she will wear a headband fitted with sensors that safely measure brain activity from underneath. We want to look for any differences in monolingual and bilingual infants' perception of familiar and unfamiliar languages.

If your infant is eligible, we will contact you to provide you with more information on the current study. Rest assured that your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties and your data will be kept confidential according to the guidelines set by the NTU Institutional Review Board.
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