October Survey
Thanks for being part of the CCHS Digital Parent Advisory Board (PAB). The results of September's survey are given below, along with the survey for October.

Last month's results (32 people took the survey):

Question #1: 81% of survey takers chose "A balanced mix of all of the above." when asked what CCHS should spend its budget on. Choices included: Curriculum, Security and Safety, Modernizing Classroom Furniture, and Teacher Professional Development.

Question #2: When asked how to spend money on facilities, survey takers split three ways between the Classrooms, the Commons, and the Library.

Question #3: When asked about the value of the digital curriculum, 68% of survey takers agreed that it was the way of the future and worthy of the money spent.
True/False: I believe that electronic cigarettes/vaping is dangerous to individual health and should be, in general, more closely regulated by our city.
True/False: I believe that youth, people 18 years and younger, should not be allowed to buy, possess, or use vaping devices of any kind.
True/False: I believe that vaping in public spaces should be regulated in our city and that the police department should tightly patrol our city's public spaces (parks, Main street, etc.) and ticket violators.
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