Eucalyptus Environmental Sciences Academy School Survey 2018-2019
Dear Parents,
Eucalyptus Environmental Sciences Academy would like to know what you think. Your responses and opinions are always valued and especially needed at this time.
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by ****May 23, 2019.****

Thank you!

My child is in
The name of their teacher is (optional)
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Student Program
Please choose the answer that most accurately represents your feelings in each area.
I am satisfied with my child’s progress in Reading.
I am satisfied with my child’s progress in Writing.
I am satisfied with my child’s progress in Math.
I am satisfied with my child’s progress in Science.
I am satisfied with my child’s progress in Social Studies.
I am satisfied with the Physical Education program.
Good citizenship is valued and emphasized.
The school provides a healthy and safe learning environment.
Administration responds to my needs appropriately and in a timely manner.
I have opportunities to provide input (i.e. Parent Club, School Site Council, parent/teacher conferences).
Learning is the main focus.
Please help us improve by explaining any answers of “Somewhat Disagree” or “Completely Disagree.”
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Which area are you most pleased with at Eucalyptus Environmental Sciences Academy? (Choose one)
Please explain why.
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Parent Involvement
Has the school been effective in keeping you informed and providing opportunities for parental involvement? Please check “YES” or “NO” for each question.
Was the classroom to home communication adequate (i.e. classroom newsletters, phone calls, texts through Class Dojo/Remind/etc)?
Was the school communication adequate (i.e. the school website, Facebook, text messages, automated phone calls, marquee, notes and flyers sent home)?
Was homework provided that reinforced classroom studies and that your student was able to complete either alone or with minimal support?
Were parent conferences provided?
Were classroom visits welcomed?
Did the school provide opportunities for volunteers (i.e. Field Day, classroom events, field trips)?
Do you feel welcome at Eucalyptus Environmental Sciences Academy?
How can we keep you better informed and involved in the school?
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Currently our Family Involvement Activities are: Back to School Night, Fall Festival, Family Dances, Family Movie Nights, Family Reading Night, and monthly family events. Do you feel we have too many, not enough, or just the right amount of Family Involvement Activities?
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Please share any concerns, comments, or compliments. Thank You!
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